Complete Anti-Pollution Spritz

Environ Complete Anti-Pollution Spritz
Environ Complete Anti-Pollution Spritz Box
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50 ml / 1.7 fl oz
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A lightweight, imperceptible, and breathing veil that completely protects skin from harmful environmental factors, pollution, and city smoke. Infused with marine and botanical extracts, Complete Anti-Pollution Spritz shields skin against damaging effects of the urban environment, exposing a calm, healthy, and radiant appearance.

Powered with a trio of superstar antioxidant vitamins (C, E, and B3), Complete Anti-Pollution Spritz lessens melanin production and transfer, guards against free radicals, and revives skin cells. In addition, Garden cress sprout and Chlorella extracts eliminate environmental pollutants, metals, and reactive molecules from the skin and fight against UV-induced hyperpigmentation with the assistance of Elecampane, a medicinal plant, preventing the photoaging process.

Infused with Kelp extract, Environ Anti-Pollution Spritz nourishes skin with essential elements, iodine, and vitamins, energizing, refreshing, and revitalizing skin cells. It's complete protection from Environ for a youthful, bright, and glowing appearance.

  • Protects from damaging environmental factors
  • Provides an invisible shield against pollutants and smoke
  • Eliminates metals and dirt particles from the skin
  • Veils skin as a breathable defending cover against blue-light and UV-radiation
  • Balances skin microbiota
  • Optimally moisturizes skin and smooths fine lines
  • Reveals healthy and glowing complexion
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Mandi Lynn
6 months 3 weeks ago

I'm an architect. Every time the spray is in my purse - my armor against dirt, dust, and air pollution in construction sites.