What is HYDRA3?

It has nothing to do with Greek mythology and Hydra of Lerna. HYDRA3 means 3-dimensional (intensive) hydration.

  • Provides NMFs (natural moisturizing factors)
  • Stimulates hyaluronic acid production
  • Reduces evaporation

What is Hydra3 Regenetic?

It's a duo of extraordinary products from the Hydration Ritual collection. Thanks to exclusively developed ingredients, VALMONT redefines moisturization standards and created two formulations providing rehydration in 3 dimensions.

As the first sign of aging, dehydration quickly becomes an aggravating factor of cutaneous aging. With each day, fine lines of dehydration become deep and unpleasant wrinkles that take over the face. Although visible on the surface, dehydration actually begins in the depths of the skin when daily aggressions deplete the skin’s water reserves. To re-establish optimal water balance and minimize the imprint of time, VALMONT has designed a duo of intelligent products with exclusive, hydrating, and anti-age active ingredients that re-train the skin on the hydration mechanisms.

With the Hydra3 Regenetic, hydration is approached three dimensions and targets all skin layers for immediate and long-lasting results.
More than just a surface input of moisture, HYDRA3 REGENETIC SERUM and CREAM act in synergy to deeply relaunch the natural rehydration mechanisms. This incredible duo reveals a smoother and plumper skin featuring an incomparable glow from the very first applications.