The Best Hair Boost

MBR The Best Hair Boost
MBR Best Hair Boost
Care Step: 
6 x 0.5 oz.

Unique, powerful, and targeted hair serum for fuller, stronger and shiny hair. It based on an exclusive peptide complex, fused with modern, balanced, and efficient ingredients. THE BEST Hair Boost gives strong, beautiful, and well-groomed hair and scalp.

  • Boosts hair growth in a natural way
  • Makes the hair stronger and protects against hair loss
  • The hair looks fuller and more radiant
  • Guarantees strong, beautiful, and healthy hair
  • Increases hair density
  • Enhances scalp cells regeneration and nourishes the scalp
How to use: 

Comb your hair to access the scalp. Apply a proper amount of the product to your scalp once a day (better in the evening). Rub it gently toward your scalp.
Slight foaming is normal. It indicates a stimulating effect.