Hair & Scalp Conditioner

Hair & Scalp Conditioner MBR
Care Step: 
6.8 oz.

Say hello to your shiny hair!

It's time to say bye to damaged hair forever. We've made this unique and innovative recipe exactly for you, because hair is the part of your stunning look. This conditioner will take extra care of your hair nourishing them gently. You will see new you in the mirror and your hair will shine all day long. Take it with your shampoo for better results.


Combing hair becomes pleasant due to the soft surface:

  • Volume visibly increases.
  • Hair becomes strong and healthy.
  • The natural growing is guaranteed.
How to use: 

Wash your hair with shampoo and apply a small amount to the wet hair. For better result leave it for 30 minutes after combing your hair. Then rinse deeply and if you really wish to get the best result, follow the process with the Hair and Scalp Booster. We've not just a conditioner for you, but a mask that cares about your hair. You decide how to use it.