CytoLine® Eyecare Cream 100

CytoLine® Eyecare Cream 100
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0.5 oz.

Let’s see CytoLine® Eyecare Cream 100’s description. This is an anti-wrinkle eye cream, one of the bests that you can ever find for your eye skin care. The main work of the cream is that it actively increases the functional performance of the skin in the sensitive areas around the eyes. It creates an instant tightening effect. Smooths and strengthens the skin, reduces puffiness under the eyes. Why is it good product for your eye skin? Because it optimizes the skin's ability to retain moisture and protects your skin from moisture loss, strengthens skin tissues, improves microcirculation, reduces dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, and immediately improves the outlook appearance of the sensitive skin around the eyes.


CytoLine® Eyecare Cream 100 benefits: As an Eyecare Cream it

  • Improves natural cell growth and activates the regeneration process
  • Has an immediate and long-term lifting effect
  • Optimises the skin’s ability to retain moisture
  • Firms the tissue and improves microcirculation
  • Reduces dark shadows around the eyes
How to use: 

First of all this is a morning and evening cream. So you can use it during your morning or night skin care procedures. Apply some active serum around your eyes and gently massage it with your fingers.

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Jessica Mendoza
2 months 1 week ago

NO under-eye bags!

Special thanks to girls from Ambassade for advice.