Eye Cream Smooth 100

Eye Cream Smooth 100
MBR Eye Cream Smooth 100 Online
Eye Cream Smooth 100
MBR Eye Cream Smooth 100 Box
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0.5 oz.

A high-effective, multifunctional, recovery eye cream that rejuvenates delicate eye area activating stem cells, reducing micro-contractions, and restructuring fibers. Eye Cream Smooth 100 visibly decreases under-eye bags, puffiness, and dark circles improving microcirculation and decongesting the micro-vein network.

Eye Cream Smooth 100 with rich creamy emulsion blocks neuromuscular connections and reduces muscle micro contractions significantly reducing expression lines, mimic wrinkles and deep creases around the eyes. Infused with functional peptides and golden collagenine stimulates fibroblasts and enhances collagen and elastin production and organization instantly lifting the skin for a healthy, youthful, and firmer appearance.

A balanced supplement with small-molecule and macromolecular Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and Ceramide provides optimal hydration and increased moisture retention preserving volume, smoothness, and elasticity. Natural oils and extracts soothe, protect and moisturize even very dry skin.

Eye area visibly smoother, firmer, and radiant. Excellent solution for even the most parchment-like appearance, it looks of premium renewal.

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Suzan Bennett
1 year 5 months ago

I was looking for a truly effective eye cream for a very long time.

And here it is.