The story of Biologique Recherche

The story of Biologique Recherche is the achievement of three skin experts:
the first, a biologist with a passion for providing immediate and lasting skincare results; the second, a physiotherapist and professor of osteopathy with a passion for improving the appearance of skin through physical manipulation; and the third, a doctor with a passion for developing skincare products to meet medical standards.

In the early 1970s, Yvan Allouche, a biological researcher, recognized a need among skincare professionals for treatments that achieved instantly visible results. In addition, Yvan understood the importance of using high concentrations of active ingredients and choosing only the purest botanical, marine, and biotechnological extracts. His explorations into the wealth of the natural world led to the development of Biologique Recherche's powerful skincare products and methodology.

Josette Allouche, a licensed physiotherapist, helped her husband design massage techniques to incorporate with the products for professional treatments. She found early in her career that careful manipulation of the body's muscles and ligaments has a very positive effect on the skin. Her gentle sculpting motions are a crucial part of the Biologique Recherche method. Josette's graduate training in classics, osteopathy, and sophrology also inspired Biologique Recherche's holistic approach to beauty.

In the early 1990s, Philippe Allouche, M.D., a specialist in internal medicine and skin pathology in Paris, decided to join his parents at Biologique Recherche. He was frustrated with the quality of existing products available for pre-and post-surgery care and wanted Biologique Recherche to develop superior clinical skincare preparations. His work in the research laboratory allows Biologique Recherche to meet medical grade standards.

Biologique Recherche began as a pioneer in the skincare industry and continues its tradition of skincare excellence today. Passion and expertise surround and define each product they offer.