Cellulite Myths and Misinformation

One of the most popular myths about cellulite is that drinking soda beverages will cause it to appear. The myth is focused on the untruth that the sodium in these beverages causes swollen fat cells. The truth is that cellulite does not consist of swollen fat cells. Cellulite cells are similar to normal fat cells, but they are not swollen cells. They are actually cells that are trapped in the connective tissue near the skin and become deformed due to entrapment. So while water is a better way to hydrate yourself, drinking carbonated beverages won’t give you cellulite.

Age v. Cellulite

Many people think only older people get cellulite. In fact, they usually think that you should be over 40 to get this irksome skin condition. The truth is, you are more likely to develop cellulite at an older age due to the thinning of the skin as you age. But you can get cellulite at any age, even in your teens.

The Body v. Cellulite

The most usual sites for cellulite to develop are the thighs and buttocks. Many people believe these are the only places that cellulite can develop. But it can appear on many different areas of the body, including the arms and stomach.

Weight v. Cellulite

Another myth about cellulite is that only overweight people experience it. Unfortunately, even if you are thin, you can still develop cellulite. Weight gain can affect the appearance of cellulite but it does not create it.

Exercise v. Cellulite

While it is true that regular exercise may help in the prevention of cellulite, there is no sound evidence that exercise will take away cellulite. Cellulite can be extremely difficult to get rid of because it is trapped in the connective tissue by your skin. Therefore, even if you lose weight or build muscle, the cellulite area may not be affected by your effort.

Creams v. Cellulite

Many creams claim to take away your cellulite forever. This is simply not true. While they may reduce the appearance of cellulite, they cannot remove it completely. It’s important to recognize that there is no panacea for cellulite, you should keep diet, drink more water, and take it under control!

Caffeine creams Caffeine is widely known to promote the drainage of excess fluid from tissues and also increases the breakdown of cellular fat. These factors alone would recommend it for the treatment of cellulite. These caffeine creams work almost immediately, giving the skin a more smooth appearance. For the creams to be effective, they must be used daily and in a consistent manner. In any case, the results will be modest at best. See also: Can caffeine reduce cellulite?