Protecting Skin

Would you advise liposuction above healthy eating to a friend? Of course not! In the same way, laser and other invasive skin surgery treatments are no substitute for preventive treatments that, if done accurately and consistently, can protect your skin from harm and help you remain younger looking as you age. Additionally, choosing prevention over intervention will keep you a lot of money.

Public enemy number one for the skin - the culprit behind skin damage and skin cancer is exposure to the sun. Ultraviolet radiation, in fact, is the major contributor to skin aging- even more so than a combination of all other factors including natural aging!
To make sure you choose the safest and most effective products, you need to know the ingredients of the products you are researching. This section is dedicated to that aspect of skincare products.
When it comes to skincare and nutrition, there must be a balance between the two. That means you can't just have a Botox treatment and ignore vital nutrients that could help revitalize your skin. At the same time, you can't just pop the latest vitamin on the market and totally avoid the natural aging process.