Skin Care for Eye Area

The skin covering most of our body is durable, tough, and resilient. However, the skin also has varying characteristics depending on where it is found on the body. For example, the skin on our palms and heels is thick, and the skin on our heads has the addition of hair follicles. The thin, almost fragile skin surrounding our eyes, on the other hand, is extremely delicate and has some unique characteristics:

  • It is fragile and sensitive- much more than other facial skin.
  • Squinting and other frequent eye movements are stressors for this area.
  • It produces very few sebum (that is, very few sebaceous glands), making it highly prone to dryness.
  • Because of a dense capillary network and minimal fat padding, it is prone to puffiness.

Whenever we ask that ubiquitous question, "how old do I look?" Of course, the first place that the respondent will go is to our eyes. They add up the crow's feet, bags, wrinkles, and other key factors and will usually base the answer on that quick assessment. Therefore, if you want to maintain a younger look for as long as possible, this area of your face needs to be well cared for in your daily skincare regimen.

If you are sick and tired of looking sick and tired around the eye area, then it's about time you give your eyes a little more TLC. Taking better care of this area can help end the frustration of waking up with raccoon eyes- big puffy eyes surrounded by dark circles, for example. The good news is that it's not hopeless. We'll start with a list of all-natural remedies that you can try and then move on to other problems and therapies:
The skin around the eyes produces very little sebum (that is, it has very few sebaceous glands), making it highly prone to dryness. Because this area can become dry so easily, you may want to consider long-lasting moisturizers.
The eyes are the windows to our souls. But, unfortunately, they also are the windows to our age. And with age come some eye-specific problems such as age lines, dark circles, puffy skin under the eyes.